Georgia Downtown Association

Georgia Downtown Association


Mentoring Program

In order to understand the complexity of a comprehensive downtown development program, new downtown professionals need good quality information regarding the common practices, rules, regulations, expectations, values and core beliefs of Georgia’s successful downtown programs. The Georgia Downtown Association’s Professional Mentoring Program provides a peer-to-peer mentoring opportunity designed to support newly engaged downtown professionals.

Since 2013, twenty nine (29) “vintage” managers across the state have helped over thirty five (35) new downtown professionals navigate the field, grow their careers, and reach achievements for their respective towns.  Following are a few of our “vintage” managers and their areas expertise that are part of this success:




Catherine Edgemon


Historic Preservation, Grant Writing

Ellen Hill


Financial Incentives, Events

Mathew Hill


Preservation, Fa├žade Improvements, Grant Programs

Sadie Krawczyk


Board Management, Redevelopment

Jamie Riggs


Promotions, Economic Development

Mitzi Saxon


Promotions, Membership

Carlee Schulte


Promotions, Business Retention & Expansion

Connie Tabor


Economic Restructure, Design, Promotions, and Organization













The goal of the Mentoring Program is to help those new to the field become successful members of Georgia’s downtown development team by:
  • Providing a positive and successful introduction/occupational transition for new professionals.
  • Promoting the professional well-being of new professionals.
  • Providing ongoing guidance, support, and reinforcement to new professionals through an organized, well-defined program.
  • Promoting excellence in management to improve Georgia’s downtowns.
  • Building awareness of the culture of the profession.
  • Increasing mutual respect and collaboration among professionals.
  • Increasing retention of new professionals.
We invite you to complete and submit the application by opening the link at the top of this page to become active in this exceptional program.