GDA Advocacy Agenda

Purpose: The official purpose of the Georgia Downtown Legislative committee is to educate elected officials about the impact of downtown development and to keep the membership abreast of bills in the state legislature, laws, government requirements, and other issues that affect favorable downtown development.


  • Spoke to the Rural Development council about extending the Georgia Rural Zone tax credit. 
  • Met with local leaders and legislators at Cities United day at the Georgia Capitol.
  • Spoke to the Senate Finance Committee on the importance of HB1197.
  • Sent out “Call to Action” emails to the membership on important Legislative topics. 
  • Worked closely with GMA legislative team on how we can lobby for Georgia Downtowns.

                                   2024 GDA Advocacy Topics

Tax Credit Programs

The Georgia Downtown Association (GDA) unwaveringly supports tax credit programs, such as the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) Rural Zone Program. These programs incentivize the rehabilitation and revitalization of historic downtown cores. In addition, we also support the continued review of all tax policies and programs, and any efforts to support governmental efficiency and common-sense practices.


The Georgia Downtown Association (GDA) supports policies and programs aimed at addressing the National Housing shortage. Furthermore, the Georgia Downtown Association (GDA) prioritizes policies and programming that enhances the overall total number of housing units in close proximity to downtowns. These units bolster the overall health and economic viability of downtowns.

Small Business Incubation

The Georgia Downtown Association (GDA) strives to provide pathways for the successful incubation of small businesses, and supports policies and programs aimed at reinforcing this initiative. Additionally, the Georgia Downtown Association (GDA) welcomes increased collaborative opportunities between public and private partners in an effort to leverage resources and bolster entrepreneurship.


In 2022, the Tourism industry of Georgia created a $73 billion-dollar economic impact and supported 442,600 jobs. The Georgia Downtown Association (GDA) supports the continuation and potential increase of funding efforts that market and promote the incredible resources across the state. This includes marketing campaigns that highlight the unique small businesses that bring life and invigorate downtowns.


The Georgia Downtown Association (GDA) supports any and all efforts that provide educational outlets and resources for elected officials, public sector employees, and small business owners. Programs such as the Georgia Downtown Association (GDA) Certified Development Professional offer invaluable insights into the ever-evolving role of Downtown Professionals.

Truck Weights

The Georgia Downtown Association (GDA) staunchly rejects any proposed increases to truck weight figures on both state and locally managed routes. Public Safety, overall walkability, and small business development are all negatively impacted by heavy trucks using roadways that pass-through communities’ historic downtown cores.

House Rural Development Council Presentation

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